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Are you looking to learn flash? If so you need to check out Flash, the Information you need. You will find all of these tutorials, source files and more...

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Flash, This Information you need

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Flash, The Information you need.

Are you looking to learn flash? If so you need to check out Flash, the Information you need. You will find all of the tutorials and guides found on For one low price you will get all the source files and all the tutorials in one easy to follow guide.

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Flash, The Information you need.

My friends tend to be programers and developers and generally creative people. Many have spent the years in collage and spent years in the computer world. These friends often come to me asking for help with flash and actionscript.

To help my friends I decided to create a guide that would allow them to Master Flash in the shortest time possible. My goal was to create a few ActionScript tutorials that would teach anyone the basics of Flash and ActionScript. My guide will not make you a Flash programmer, however it will give you everything needed to become proficient. These Tutorials will give you the understanding need to take you Flash skills to any level.

Why spend thousands of dollars on college classes when you can get the same benefit, the same education and the same experience from this one easy to follow guide.

You will get

ActionScript Basics - a group of three tutorials that gets your feet wet with ActionScript. These tutorials are designed as an introductory into Flash ActionScript

Making Movies and Buttons Listen - a group of four tutorials designed to help you get started with user interactivity. What good is a flash website if it doesn't interact with the user.

Controlling Graphic - these tutorials get you into more of an advanced side of Flash and Actionscript by introducing you to a few of the ways FLash can deal with graphics.

Detecting Collision - basic tutorial for any flash game, you have to know when one object touches another.

Sound, Sound and Sound - a few tutorials design to trough you into deal with sound. This section will even help you make an mp3 player.

Adding with Flash - an advanced programmer knows how important math is. This section will explain how to work with numbers buy showing you how to create an alarm clock.

Advanced Features - This is what flash is all about. In this section you will learn how powerful Flash really is.


"I was having trouble with a Flash class in collage and decided to check this guide out. All I can say is thank you. I thought I was going to fail, but ended up with an A"
Victoria Dawson

"If you are ready to step into the Google big leagues, buy (before he realizes that it's WAY underpriced) and follow his advice. I did, and the results are amazing."
Barbara J. Feldman, Surfing The Net With Kids

"I really liked how you showed exactly what works and what does not work. Thjis Flash guide really made learning Flash easy. Thanks"
Jeremy Gislason

"First, I was a tad skeptical, but I can honestly say Flash, the information you need definitely works. The last few days I have had more traffic and more sales due to how impressive my site is."
Thomas Vilfroy

"Consider me a VERY satisfied customer."
Gordy Seeley

"What a great resource!"
Tracie Johansen

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Flash, The Information you need.